Kick Corporate Photography Into High Gear With These Equipment

Shooting corporate events is one of the most challenging tasks for photographers. It necessitates enough stamina and concentration to be able to capture every significant moment possible. The organizers would also want great images of the place, from the entrance area to the stage and the buffet area.

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Packing the right gear is important to make sure that the photographer is equipped well for the battle. Some of the equipment needed are the following:

The right camera

There are many types of corporate events: conferences, thanksgiving dinners, client parties, and fundraising events, to name a few. Some events have well-lit, well-exposed conditions but there are others that do not. Some events are fast-paced, while others can be dragging.
To be prepared for any setup, a full-frame DLSR for ISO flexibility. If it also has a quick auto-focus and image stabilization, that would be better because bringing a tripod to the event is not possible.


Bringing many lenses is nice, but it is not practical during events as there would be minimal time to change the lens. A single lens can usually suffice: as long as it is a general-purpose zoom lens with a range of 24mm (to capture group shots even with limited room to shoot) to 105mm (to photograph speakers from a distant spot.)

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Battery pack

Of course, one thing that should not be forgotten is extra ammunition because a typical corporate event lasts for hours. Additional batteries are then recommended to make sure not one moment is missed.

John Kleinheinz here, a TCU graduate from Fort Worth, Texas. I work now as photographer, specializing in PR and corporate photography. Learn more about what I do by visiting this website.


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