Why you should never center photographs

Like all art forms, it takes practice to get good at photography. Budding photographers also need to learn their craft. Although a lot of art is subjective, there are still do’s and don’ts. There are still rules that need to be followed. In photography, one thing that budding photographers should try to avoid is centering subjects. It is a basic reminder of what we like to call the Rule of Thirds.

Image source: digital-photo-secrets.com

The problem when centering a photograph is that it divides the image in half. Whether the left or right sides or top or bottom sides, centering confuses viewers which side to focus on. What happens is that two subjects are created.

Now take for instance a photograph wherein the subject is placed slightly to the left of the shot. This takes away any halving the image would have. It emphasizes the subject, without taking anything away from the background.

Budding photographers might have a problem which third to position the subject. The common recommendation is to experiment and take shots with the subject in different sides of the photograph. After which, photographers can choose which photograph tells the best story.

Image source: photographymad.com

Hey there! I’m John Kleinheinz from Fort Worth, Texas, and I love photography. Find out more by visiting this blog.


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