2 Important Tips for Starting a Career in Product Photography

Today’s marketing strategies are shifting from the traditional commercial ads to digital marketplaces. And as the digital marketplace grows, the demand for eye catching media increases with it. If you want to get into product photography, now’s the time to do it while there’s a high demand for good content from brands and entrepreneurs.

Image Source: contrastly.com

Here are two important tips to help you with your jump to product photography.

Establish expectations and requirements

When you first meet with your client, never agree to a job or give a quote before knowing roughly what kind of images they’re looking for. Ask them what is required so you can know what they’re looking for, and know if you’re capable of delivering up to the task.

Understand the intended use of the images

It’s very important to know how the client intends to use the image for two main reasons: Pricing and execution. First, the price you quote for your client may vary according to the usage of the image. You may charge more for an image that will be used across the country than an image for a local poster, even though they are the same image. This is called in the industry as license rights.

Second, knowing how the image is to be used helps you plan better. You’ll give a different format for an image that will be used as wall mural advertisement from an image that will be used as a poster.

Always clarify with the client the technical specifics of the image before shooting, and always, confirm the deliverables (format of the files, resolution).

Image Source : netdna-ssl.com

Hey! My name’s John Kleinheinz. I’m a PR photographer from Fort Worth. I travel all over Texas to work with various businesses and cover events. If you’re interested, visit my LinkedIn profile.


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